Enhancing Security through Advanced Application Testing Tools​


Driven by rapid digital expansion, a client experienced increased in-house software development and a heightened reliance on third party vendors. Kopenhagen Konsulting was engaged to support the client in minimizing the risk associated with software development activities by implementing advanced application security test tooling to address these challenges. Our objective encompassed a holistic understanding of the client's software development landscape, ensuring the selection and implementation of the right security tools to mitigate vulnerabilities.


In less than a year, Kopenhagen Konsulting spearheaded an extensive project covering selection and testing of tooling based on business needs and ensured a friction free implementation. The outcome resulted in a smooth implementation process, setting the stage for the adoption of advanced security testing tools.

Kopenhagen Konsulting developed a global three phased rollout strategy, strategically aligned with communication plans tailored for organizational change management. As a result, executive leadership extended their engagement with Kopenhagen Konsulting to continue the growth and expanding of their global application security program.

  • Successful technical implementation of three best in class application security testing tools (SAST, SCA, DAST)
  • Successful rollout marked by widespread adoption among developers and relevant users as a result of strategic planning and communication
  • Heightened security awareness on developing secure software solutions and applications
  • An operating application security service offering tooling, support and training for developers