Seamless Tolling: Navigating Complex Dependencies


A national toll charger was establishing a new nationwide tolling scheme for trucks, with a platform composed of technology and systems from various suppliers. Given the contractual terms and delivery deadlines, challenges arose from interdependencies and complex timelines. To ensure programme success, early and proactive alignment and structural change were essential to create transparency and ensure quality. Our objective was to establish a smooth, coordinated approach to handling interdependencies and effective change management.


To foster a collaborative environment for discussing and resolving timeline discrepancies, Kopenhagen Konsulting facilitated alignment between project managers, suppliers, and programme management. We developed an interdependency board to automate misalignment detection. After resolving timeline misalignments, we created an updated delivery plan for the programme and established a framework for continuous alignment. In parallel, we designed and operationalized change management, including a Change Control Board (CCB). We trained key PMO employees to manage change requests effectively, integrating the CCB as an essential pillar in handling significant changes to the programme.


Our engagement enabled significant improvements in the programme's execution:

  • Milestone alignment between suppliers was established, and a comprehensive framework was set up to enable the PMO to effectively uncover and handle future activity misalignments.
  • Achieved transparency in managing programme interdependencies and effectively administered the programme delivery plan.
  • Effective and streamlined change management was facilitated through the operationalized Change Control Board, enhancing decision-making speed and quality.