Boosting Cybersecurity Know-How: Executive Training Session


A leading global energy company's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) invited Kopenhagen Konsulting to develop and lead two half-day educational sessions for the Executive Management team and Board of Directors. The aim was to enhance their knowledge of cyber security in the energy sector and mitigate risks to the company.


Kopenhagen Konsulting worked closely with the CISO, the management team, and Subject Matter Experts to create engaging material that covered topics such as the threat landscape for the energy sector, incident response, and crisis response. To ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience, Kopenhagen Konsulting used guest speakers, hacking demonstrations, and walkthroughs of recent security incidents.


The educational sessions were well-received, with several members expressing gratitude for the sector-specific knowledge gained. The sessions also led to requests for cyber- and information security to be on the management agenda more often and for initiatives to improve business resilience related to business continuity management and crisis response.