Executing a Virtual Conference Amidst a Pandemic


A branding agency conceptualized a digital conference for an optical retail chain to replace their annual traditional conference held in four different markets. The decision to transition to a digital format was motivated by the company's new global strategy of digitizing services and was expedited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kopenhagen Konsulting was tasked with converting the concept into a tangible conference and support with project management.


The main objective involved coordinating with various stakeholders, such as the film agency, speakers, sponsors, and internal teams across different functions and locations. A key aspect of achieving the desired key performance indicators (KPIs) for attendee engagement was promoting the conference effectively. Kopenhagen Konsulting played a vital role in achieving these KPIs by enhancing the website and communication strategy based on sign-up data and feedback from previous conferences.


The milestones include:

  • Planned and Executed Clinical Conference 2023
  • Sourced and negotiated multiple agreements with third party suppliers
  • Delivered budget and project plan for continuation of Clinical Conference