Designing a CRM System to Combat Money Laundering


Our client had to update their anti-money laundering processes after a change in legislation and an audit by the financial supervisory authority. This required them to collect more customer information and assess merchant risk based on new parameters, which meant modifying and expanding their IT infrastructure.


We split the project into two tracks - Back Book for legacy customers and Front Book for new customer onboarding. In the Back Book track, we created a new role in the client's CRM system, developed a project database, and reduced the required number of FTEs by 50% through data analysis.In the Front Book track, we defined AML requirements and designed a new module for an efficient onboarding flow while minimizing obstacles for customers. We collected, verified, and prioritized requirements from multiple stakeholders.


Our work helped the client meet their AML information collection deadline and stay on track to keep their license to operate, without facing any punitive damages. And, we managed to reduce the required number of FTEs by around 50%, compared to early estimates.But that's not all - we also helped the client build a sustainable solution that automates future AML processes. This will save them substantial resources in the future, with only limited impact on operations. We're thrilled to have helped the client achieve these results and ensure their continued success.