Legacy to Leading-Edge: Seamless Migration to New Payment Platform


To achieve strategic ambitions and optimize operations, the European Payment Service Provider initiated a major migration program, aimed at moving the customer base from two legacy online payment products to the new flagship online payments solution.

As the maintenance agreements for the legacy platforms were expiring, the client needed to move quickly to migrate customers, while developing new features on the new platform and provide swift onboarding in order to retain as many customers as possible.


We took over the project with 5 months left until a critical deadline, whereafter most of the customer contracts on the legacy platform would expire. The project experienced significant delays in product feature development, slow onboarding and activation processes for customers, and lack of tracking of the migration status for customers.

We worked with the client to establish a task force from involved business functions to ensure quick decision making and prioritization, created an excel based tool for tracking of 30.000 customers’ status, and established a fast-track onboarding process that met compliance requirements.


We helped our client ensure that:

  • All customers were contacted and had a plan for their online payment solution before the contract expiration deadline.
  • 80% of the legacy customer profiles could be closed by agreed deadline.
  • A process for gradual closing of the remaining 20% merchants were established.
  • The 3 months onboarding time was reduced to 1 week for fast-track eligible customers.