Map, Maintain, and Automate Critical infrastructure and Licenses


Our client's business was growing fast - new employees, products, and markets. They needed a way to keep track of their ever-expanding IT system landscape and licenses. Basically, they wanted a tool to make the whole process automated and hassle-free.


We tackled a two-part project:

  • Gathered and mapped info on critical IT systems and licenses in collaboration with Global IT.
  • Created a process for maintaining and automating the IT systems and licenses overview, including prioritizing requirements from multiple stakeholders.

Our info-gathering process involved defining parameters, engaging key stakeholders, and analyzing contracts to fill in missing data.

In the maintenance and automation process, we created end-to-end processes, automated communication, and clarified the most urgent licenses to focus on.


We helped our client keep their systems running smoothly and their budget in check. Our work allowed them to avoid duplicates, overlapping functionality, and overpayment. Plus, they can now avoid over- and underutilization of licenses, stay compliant, and negotiate renewals like pros.

Oh, and we also made sure the whole thing is sustainable by automating their future IT system and license maintenance.