Navigating Risk Amidst Leadership Transition


Following the departure of the Risk Manager an extensive national program in the public energy sector needed a lead. Kopenhagen Konsulting was engaged to lead the Risk Management team for three months. Our goal was to streamline risk management processes, foster collaboration, and create a shared understanding of the importance of risk management. We proactively identified and addressed risks, implementing effective measures to report and manage risks across the program and its stakeholders.


As the team leader, we optimized existing processes, introduced new initiatives, and ensured transparency in responsibilities. We achieved this through:

  • Implementing consistent management reporting for suppliers.
  • Establishing a functional system with designated roles for risk monitoring.
  • Identifying and categorizing risk and strategic risks.
  • Revising and automating the risk register and financial impact assessments, including risk exposure and CAPEX calculations.*
  • Revising and calibrating the risk matrix based on risk profile.
  • Improving risk reserve calculations.
  • Enhancing cascade risk assessments and financial exposure evaluations.
  • Evaluating potential risk management software for future use.

Our efforts resulted in increased employee satisfaction within the Risk Management team.

We successfully updated and improved risk management policies, including comprehensive manuals and procedures that outline tasks and responsibilities.

Additionally, we enhanced the risk management artifacts, such as the risk register, matrix, and operational system, ensuring better risk management practices throughout the organization.